Scarcity in Marketing: Why it’s Not Cool!

Lately my facebook feed as been inundated with facebook ads targeting entrepreneurs and small business owners with catchy titles like “How I grew my engagement by 600% – with no startup fees!”. I’m all for growth and development, and this includes entrepreneurial efforts as well. But I stopped clicking on them, and I really wish they would just go away! Why? Because I know what a sales funnel looks like, and I’m just not interested in spending my time going through one. I have better things to do, like write blog posts!

I’ve spent years growing my network, and facebook is an easy way to keep up with and interact with my network. I’ve written recently about identity and how it changes as we grow, and so I’m now confronted with the task of broadcasting a changing image of myself. But that’s another post for another time! For the past several years I’ve been following personal development gurus and have often slid down their marketing funnels. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing…but it usually leaves me wanting more. What’s with this feeling of wanting more? If I invest in an information product that’s meant to grow me, I want to feel nourished, satisfied, and a sense of completion. But I kept feeling like something was missing. I would go through the material of low and high tier programs from gurus such as Brendon Burchard, Max Simon, and Russell Brunson, and come out on the other side still feeling like I was being mislead.

When something doesn’t feel right, then I have to ask myself – “Ok, is there a limiting belief here?”. Often times there is. Sometimes it will be readily apparent, and sometimes it will take a while – even years – for the limiting belief to emerge. That’s ok – I needed that time to grow into the man who can handle dealing with that limiting belief in the first place.

I want to talk about scarcity. Scarcity by definition is “not having enough”. In marketing, scarcity can be real, or manufactured. Either way, the way that human beings react to scarcity is predictable. If there isn’t enough of something that we want or need, then we rush to get it. It’s perceived value increases. Often times, scarcity becomes an integral part of the business model.

Scarcity makes sense from a marketing perspective, but agitating it just doesn’t feel right to me. So, as is my process, I’m asking myself if I have any limiting beliefs around this, and the answer is yes!

Here’s my limiting belief around this issue: that perpetuating scarcity is wrong. 

Good! I do believe it is wrong, and even that it is a conscious belief, I will choose to perpetuate this “limiting” belief. Ultimately, I don’t think it’s that limiting. Here’s why:

I prefer abundance to scarcity. Abundance means there is enough, and sometimes more than enough! I would rather have abundant resources than not enough. As someone who grew up in a house eating ramen wearing hand-me-down clothes, I’ve lived through a scarcity of resources. That was the only reality that I knew – it was my world.

Now, I am able to see it for what it was, and I am able to make a different choice. I am choosing to see the world as abundant. I am choosing to first seek out resources, and secondly attract these resources to me. It usually works this way: in changing our limiting beliefs, actions break old habits the quickest.

So, for example, in my marketing I am choosing to create value first. My favorite way to do this is through blogposts!
I love the immediacy of it. I love the finality of being able to publish something that an hour ago didn’t exist.

Spending my time doing something that I love that creates value for others is such a gift. I am extremely grateful that with this blogpost I can help people. I am extremely grateful that with my voice – my typing personality – I can positively inspire others to share their voice and their gifts.

I believe that we live in a world of abundant resources. As technology allows for greater and greater transparency, we as a species may evolve to the point where we share resources freely. This may be a long way off, or it could be right around the corner. The more transparent we become, the easier it will be for us to detect that which feels off collectively. By checking into our universal heart – our shared experience of mutual love and compassion for each other – we can unite, share resources, and experience abundance greater than our wildest dreams.

This starts in you. Start broadcasting an abundance vibe by learning in what ways you can create value. Do this, and watch your world change. Of course, do this intelligently, or you’ll end up on the streets! Perhaps this is another blog post here 🙂 I love how ideas seem to bubble and flow when I get creative! This blogpost already gave me two additional blogpost ideas! What a fun way to create value. Until next time, Peace.


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